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About IvaCoin

We know that the future of money is crypto currencies but what is the purpose of cryptocurrencies and how does one utilize them to purchase goods services or even pay for their insurance securely and instantly well look no further .

we have a brand new distinctive crypto concept called IVACOIN

guys are excited to know more about this token so let’s get into it

IVACOIN is founded and developed by IVA Group company which is one of leading companies of information technology and digital solutions located in united kingdom.

IVA will launch the IvaPay platform, which will revolutionize the world of e-wallets, as it will support all payment methods such as crypto currencies, electronic banks, local payment methods in each country, and global payment methods such as VisaCard and MasterCard, the platform will serve both Individuals and businesses and allows transfers, withdrawals, deposits and transfers between the available payment methods easily and without restrictions.

All our current and future businesses will be directly sharing a percentage of profits to the liquidity of IVACoin this means more back in your pockets the IVA community.

IVACOIN is a cryptocurrency that runs on the binance blockchain technology we’re backed by real projects with a unique vision for those who would like to invest into their future

All IVACOIN shareholders will benefit from these projects by receiving a certain percentage of the profits made to be equally distributed into the liquidity pool of IVACOIN ย on regular intervals IVACOIN is a long-term project and ultimately aims to be in the top 10 list of cryptocurrencies